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"How To Let Go of Any Negative Thought or Emotion in Minutes and Find Your Flow in Life Without
 Having To Do Another Webinar for Your Personal Growth or Healing Ever Again!" 

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Thursday 25 April 2019 
@ 7 pm BST (8 pm SAST)

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"The Day I knew peace is the day I let everything go."
- C Joybell C

Apart from Learning How to Restore Your Peace of Mind in Minutes and Three Life-changing Secrets during the Webinar, you'll also get THREE FREE BONUSES when you Register:

  • A Powerful TWO-STEP LETTING GO PROCESS in Written, Audio and Video Format
  • A Weekly Dose of Inspiration in the Form of an INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE & REFLECTION by Email 
  • A Voucher Valued at £100 Entitling You to a Three-week FREE TRIAL OF THE ART OF LETTING GO COURSE 

Presented by Jonathan Quail 
The Letting Go Coach
"Just wanted to say you are a great coach, You made me feel I could actually do this. Thank you." 
                                            - Jackie M, NLP practitioner

The THREE LIFE-CHANGING SECRETS You'll Learn During the Webinar: 

SECRET #1: The Key to Authentic Happiness

How to Let Go of Any Negative Thought or Emotion in Minutes No Matter How Challenging Any Situation Seems To Be

SECRET #2: The Key to Fulfilling Flow
How to Remain Poised and Enjoy the Moment While Taking Positive Action to Respond to Any Situation Appropriately

SECRET #3: The Key to True Success
How to Be Happy and In Flow in Every Aspect of Your Life and Live an Extraordinary Ordinary Life that Gives You Miraculous Experiences and Results Consistently

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