Hello and Welcome to The Art of Letting Go Webinar Replay Page!

If you attended the last Art of Letting Go Webinar, thank you very much for attending. If you're here because you missed the Webinar, you can watch the Video Recording of the latest Webinar by clicking the 'Play' arrow in the box below:

Note: If the video is blurry or distorted, it's because your Internet connection is slow and Youtube has automatically adjusted the resolution to avoid the video buffering. To improve the image quality of the video, click the gear icon that will appear in the right bottom bar of the video when you mouse-over the video, select 'Quality' and then click the arrow to display all the possible settings and choose a higher one (note: this isn't an option if you're on a mobile device). For optimal viewing, we recommend a setting of 360p, but if your Internet connection is slow and the video buffers at this setting, you'll still be able to read the slightly blurred text in the PowerPoint presentation at a setting of 240p. 

Got any Questions not answered in the Video?

Feel free to email them to jono @ lifebuild.com (spaces inserted to trick spambots, not you!) and Jonathan will respond as soon as possible.

N.B. Registration for The Art of Letting Go Course Closes on Monday the 16th of September at 8 pm UK Time (9 pm SA Time, 3 pm EDT), so the Clock's ticking... 

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Remember that You Get:

  • A 3-week Free Trial
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  • A Money-Back Guarantee

So there is absolutely NO RISK to signing up for the Course.

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P.S. Remember, you get a Three-week Free Trial of the Course and a Money-Back Guarantee, so if you decide it's not for you once you've been doing the Course for a week or two, you'll have lost nothing. So, What Have You Got to Lose? (Really only your negativity and all the suffering and misery it causes you!) 
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