Terms & Conditions of Purchase and Sale
(Last updated on the 26th of March 2019)


‘Lifebuild’ is the trading name of a partnership between Jonathan Quail and Deborah Graham.

‘Customer’ refers to a person who has purchased products or services from Lifebuild using his or her debit or credit card, or has paid for such products in cash or through a bank transfer, direct debit or standing order.

The 'Letting Go Meditation Power Pack' means the MP3 file containing the 
audio recording of the  Guided Letting Go Theta Meditation and the MP3 file of the Power Sleep track when sold together as a package and as advertised at https://www.theaolg.com/order-page2.

'The AOLG Course' refers to the Standard and the Mastery versions of a six-week online training Course and it's associated training materials that is advertised at https://www.theaolg.com/aolgcourse-order-page.  

'AOLG Webinar' refers to a free weekly online presentation run by Lifebuild and advertised at https://www.theaolg.com.  

I. Refund Policy

If a Customer has purchased the Letting Go Meditation Power Pack, he or she will qualify for a full refund if he or she sends an email to admin@lifebuild.com within 30 days of the date of purchase requesting a refund and he or she has listened to both the Guided Letting Go Theta Meditation and the Power Sleep track in full at least twice before sending such email. This email should also clearly state the reason why the Customer is dissatisfied with the product, and Lifebuild may ask the Customer to answer further questions to verify that the Customer has indeed listened to both the tracks in the Pack and further clarify the reasons for his or her dissatisfaction.

If a Customer has purchased a place on The AOLG Course,  he or she will qualify for a full refund of the fee he or she has paid for the Course if he or she attended the specific AOLG Webinar for which he or she originally registered online and sends an email to admin@lifebuild.com requesting a refund within 21 days of the start date of the Course clearly explaining the reasons why he or she is dissatisfied with the Course and wants a refund.

Refunds will be paid to the Customer within 3 working days of a valid refund request being received, generally in the same way as the money was received, i.e. if the original purchase was paid for by credit or debit card, the Customer’s credit or debit card account will be refunded, or if the Customer paid by electronic bank transfer, payment will be made directly into the Customer’s bank account.

II. Special Offers, Discounts and Promotions

From time to time, Lifebuild may advertise special offers, discounts and promotions on products and services it sells (‘Offers’) on the web sites under its control. The terms and conditions related to these Offers will be clearly stated on the pages where these offers are advertised or in documents that can be viewed and downloaded from such pages, and the terms and conditions of each Offer will amount to an offer made by Lifebuild that, when accepted by the Customer through purchasing the products and services on Offer, will constitute a legally binding agreement between Lifebuild and the Customer.

III. Privacy Policy

All information submitted by Customers in the process of purchasing Lifebuild’s products or services will remain strictly confidential in terms of Lifebuild’s Privacy Policy, the full terms of which can be viewed at https://www.theaolg.com/gdpr-policy.

IV. Updates to these Terms & Conditions

Lifebuild may update these Terms & Conditions of Sale from time to time, and these updated Terms & Conditions will be posted on this page and other websites we control.

Got any questions not answered on this page? Feel free to drop us an email to admin @ lifebuild.com (spaces inserted to trick spambots, not you!)
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