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How to Let Go of Any Stressful Thought or Emotion in Minutes


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Thrive Through Adversity
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Tapping into the Transformative Power of Seven Ancient Spiritual Techniques... 

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Sunday the 31st of March 2024


2 pm EST | 7 pm GMT | 9 pm SAST

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During this FREE Online Masterclass, you'll learn and experience:

  • HOW TO BREATHE to Deeply Relax and Boost Your Health & Well-Being
  • ​The ONE ESSENTIAL SKILL You Need to Master to Be Authentically Happy 
  • ​The 4 LIFE-CHANGING BENEFITS of Learning It
  • 7 ANCIENT SPIRITUAL TECHNIQUES to Help You Experience All These Benefits
  • ​A TEN-STEP LETTING GO PROCESS in a Guided Meditation


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Here's what people are saying about The Art of Letting Go (AOLG) FREE Masterclass and follow-up Course:

“I Really enjoyed it. Everything you said resonated with me. The little exercise we did has opened up the gates of 'my prison'. I have let go of some worries... and allowed new silent restful peace to install itself. I am grateful." 
- Isabelle Collins, AOLG Masterclass Attendee

"This is really powerful... and very valuable! Thank you." 
- Wilhelm O, AOLG Masterclass Attendee

"Such a powerful session... thank you for your time and energy delivering this amazing content in a professional knowledgeable manner, your sessions are inspiring , I have learned a lot since we recently connected. much appreciated." 
    - Mary Kavanagh, AOLG Masterclass Attendee

“Great masterclass. Rich in content.”
    - Cristiano G, AOLG Masterclass Attendee

“Peace - less anxiety, sleep better, I don't take pain killers anymore for stress headaches (really!), better relationships with my children, not as frightened or worried.”
    - Robyn B, AOLG Course Graduate
    - Sally Peace, AOLG Club Member
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  • ​A HEALING MEDITATION to Help You Let Go of Any Fear of COVID-19 and its Apparent Consequences
  • ​A THREE-WEEK FREE TRIAL of the Art of Letting Go Online Programme valued at £100+ 

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